Raised in a household that played music at every occasion, Chris has been steeped in a wide variety of genres from an early age. After taking up guitar in his early teens, he went on to receive a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and played in several local bands.

Chris started managing The Tobacco Company Club in 2014 and learned how nightlife and the hospitality industry worked, and began his training as a DJ there. Chris stepped aside from managing the club to became a resident DJ there, spinning at one of the city’s most popular nightlife spots.

DJing at Tobacco is where I got hooked on filling the dance floor” he recalls, “Losing yourself in dance is such a pure joy, it’s so fulfilling to be able to give people that feeling!

In My Headphones: Chris Brown, D’Angelo, Le Youth, Otis Redding

My Favorite Floor Fillers: Lil’ Jon “Get Low”, Beyonce “Crazy In Love”, Spice Girls “Wannabe”, Journey “Don’t Stop Believin”

Eastern North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina

South Carolina


San Diego California