I love music. One of my earliest memories was singing MC Hammers Can’t Touch This with my family on a road trip. Since then I have been singing and dancing to all of my favorite songs. In college I made mixed CD’s and I would allow the music to take me where it wanted to go. I would go from Foghat to Frank Sinatra, to Frederic Chopin, and somehow end with Flo-rid-a. Now I am able to take my broad love of music and put a special spin into your reception or event.

I started my entertainment career in 2013 at JLK Events. I have performed at many weddings, and you will still catch me dancing the night away behind the DJ booth. Being a DJ is so much fun for me as I get a small glimpse of what it’s like to be part of my clients’ inner circle of friends and family.

In My Headphones: Daft Punk, Styx, Journey, Dragonforce, Chuck Berry, 80’s, 90’s, and occasionally today’s top hits.

My Favorite Floor Fillers: “Uptown Funk” Marc Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, “Shout” from Animal House, “Sexy and I Know it” LMFAO, “Temperature” by Sean Paul,   and pretty much any other song that will make you shake.

I just want you to know how much we appreciate you.  Matt and I have talked incessantly about what an AMAZING experience everyone had because of YOU.  You were able to read the crowd, keep the people moving and you were the perfect announcer.  The last song where everyone circled and swayed was largely because of you calling Matt and I back to the dance floor and sharing kind words with the crowd.  That was also my favorite moment of the reception.  So, sincerely thank you for all of your hard work.  I hope you know how thankful we are.
Peyton & MattWedding, Charleston SC

For my wedding, we had Jordan W as our DJ and he was awesome. Did everything we asked and even when guest were begging him to play things we had asked not to be played he stood his ground haha. He was so easy to work with and I heard no complaints regarding the music. Jordan also was on time and set up in the for the ceremony (we used just audio) and was very professional throughout everything. Bunn as a whole was awesome to work with, very accommodating and reasonable in price. I’d recommend them (and Jordan) to anyone look for their wedding!


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