Smith/Edwards Reception-November 9th, 2012

Carl and Allison’s wedding took place not on Saturday, but rather Friday (I love those!) at the lovely, incomparable Prestonwood ballroom in Cary, NC. I had met with Allison and her folks a few times and really was excited about this wedding…great family.  And let me say, they didn’t disappoint.

The day started with a (shorter than usual, by accident) ceremony, but the guests arrived in good spirits ready for some food and bev in the foyer area. Meanwhile, I was in the ballroom finishing setting up with my new Bose speakers and new Chauvet moving head lights! New gear! Woohoo, it was like Christmas morning to me. My gear was great and everything, but really Flowers on Broad (photo on left) and Simpsound (lighting) made the room pop. Jeff nailed it with the pale pink uplighting! As it approached 7:00, I lined up the bridal party in the hallway and made sure Carl and Allison were stationed at the top of the grand staircase.  The intros were amazing and the crowd was into it as everyone entered to “Party Rock Anthem” wearing Shades that Mr. Smith passed out. As the bride groom made their way down, the guests went bananas! They hit the dance floor for the first dance by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman from “Moulin Rouge” called “Come What May”…a beautiful song.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith welcomed everyone and then the huge buffet opened for dinner.

As dinner ended, we knocked out the toasts, cake cutting, father/daughter dance (“Butterfly Kisses”) and mother/son dance (“Sweet Baby James”). And I could tell, the guest were ready to party! We came right out of the box with “Love Shack” and a huge batch of sunglasses and glow sticks that The Smiths brought, and from that moment on, it was party time! The only time we took a pause was for the bouquet toss (“Milkshake” by Kelis) and garter toss (“Whatta Man” by Salt N Pepa). The guests partied until just past 10:30 when I played “Gangnam Style” and the place went berserk! I brought it back down with Beyonce’s version of “At Last” and then sent everyone outside to grab candy from the all-pink candy bar and to send off the newlyweds under a shower of sparklers.  I gotta say that Allison is what every DJ really wants, a bride that REALLY loves to party and dance! She ruled that dance floor, and even grabbed the mic at one point. Amazing. What a great night! Looking forward to photos from Michael’s Memories, in the mean time, I snapped this one of Allison dancing in front of my table. I love it!