Rachel and Isaac’s wedding reception took place at the beautiful Prestonwood Country Club on a Sunday before a holiday (MLK Day) so folks were ready to party knowing that they didn’t have to work the next day! They didn’t disappoint! The reception started around 5:30 pm with guests entering the room and waiting for a few minutes for the big intro. Everyone entered from the side door to Chris Brown’s “Forever” except Isaac and Rachel who came down the massive grand staircase to thunderous applause! As the crowd settled down, a string quartet played their first dance “Skater’s Waltz”. It was beautiful! The father of the bride welcomed everyone and the father of the groom gave a blessing, then dinner was served. The food was great!

As dinner wrapped up, Rachel and her father danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland. Isaac and his mother danced to “Find Your Wings” by Mark Harris and then I sent the couple up the steps to where the lovely cake was cut. After the cake cutting, the two best men and two maids of honor gave toasts. All were awesome and heartfelt. After that, it was time for me to do my thing! Party! Rachel promised me she had enthusiastic dancers, and she didn’t lie! They were rocking hard all the way to the end! The night closed out with everyone singing Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out Loud” to the bride and groom and then sending them off with a bubble departure! Congrats Rachel and Isaac!!!