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Zack and Tara had a Christian ceremony and then came to the newly renovated (and beautiful) Crabtree Marriott for their Persian ceremony, dinner and dancing.

The Persian Ceremony

Joe was lucky enough to handle the events at The Marriott starting with an introduction of the parents and bridal party. Once Zack and Tara entered, they danced for a minute or so to a Persian song before taking their place on the stage area for the ceremony. Tara’s mother and uncle did a great job of walking folks through the ceremony.

The First Dance

At the end of the ceremony, they were presented with gifts from the family and then went to the dance floor.  For their real first dance they danced to Hunter Hayes’ song “Wanted” (still such a great song). Tara and her father then danced to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and Zack and his mom danced to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. Next, dinner was served.

The Dancing

After dinner, champagne was poured and several folks gave amazing toasts. Open dancing was next for almost a full three hours with only a break for the bouquet toss (“Single Ladies” by Beyonce). All types of music worked for this crowd including several Persian songs that were given to Joe by the Father of the bride. They mixed so well with traditional American pop songs. What a party! Great way to end the 2017 wedding season! Congrats Tara and Zack! Looking forward to seeing the video from 21 Films and the photos from Story Photographers!

Photo courtesy of Story Photographers


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