Wedding Services


We are the masters of the fist-pumping, loud-singing, dance floor-bouncing wedding. Whether it's a destination wedding or in your backyard - that's what we do.

Corporate Services


Here is what we don’t do... boring. If your company’s functions are becoming mundane and stale, then you need to contact us to get your events back on track stat.

Private Services


I don’t think there is a private event we haven’t done. From dog walks to Sweet Sixteens, and everything in between.

School Services


We don’t care if you’re just learning your ABCs or getting your PhD, we can and will rock your party.

Retail Services


So what do we mean by “Other” types of DJ gigs? Well, we really can do it all. Need music in your store on a busy shopping day? Boom, we have you covered. Need a great DJ to mix for your club or bar? Boom, we have a DJ for that, too!